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Brisk Brunch at the Riding House Cafe

February 29, 2012

I’ve been promising myself a trip to the Riding House Cafe for a little while now, and finally made it there for brunch just a few days ago. There is still a bit of a buzz about the place so booking is advisable – our brunch appointment came about after we failed to secure a booking for lunch a couple of weeks earlier.

We were about 10 minutes early but our table was free so we were seated immediately. I found the decor at the RHC a little confusing – part industrial, part diner, part work in progress. We had comfy seats to the left of the entrance, which we were rather pleased about as the wooden tables and (some fixed) chairs on the other side did not look so welcoming. We were handed breakfast menus (we had a weekend 11:30am booking) and glasses were filled with tap water.

The breakfast menu is not the biggest I have seen. I asked about the items listed under the “All Day Menu” and was told they were not available for breakfast… so why call them “All Day”?…

M ordered 2 eggs on toast (poached) with a side of lincolnshire sausage and a pot of tea and I ordered the chorizo hash browns and the ABC ginger (mixed juice of apple, beetroot, carrot and ginger). Surprisingly our food arrived before our drinks – several minutes before our drinks… thank goodness for water. M enjoyed her eggs, toast and sausage but felt she wanted more. Another look at the menu then, but there was nothing else that took her fancy. My chorizo hash brown was beautifully presented – a large hash brown topped with a poached egg and a portobello mushroom – and was delicious. The ABC ginger juice was very tasty as well, though M thought it was very beetrooty. I finished off with a white coffee, which was pretty ordinary although the warm milk was delivered in a dainty mini milk bottle.

The Riding House Cafe is clearly a very popular destination. The food is reasonably priced and well presented. The staff were polite and efficient but not overly friendly. My first experience was not enough for me to have a real feel for the place – it did not scream ‘return immediately’ but neither did it make me want to never go back. I shall have to return for dinner sometime for a full assessment.

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