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A quick lunch at Bread Street Kitchen

July 12, 2012

We were visiting an exhibition close to St Paul’s so thought that Bread Street Kitchen might be a good spot for a quick lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Greeted in the downstairs bar area we were directed upstairs for food and seated in the only fairly busy area of an otherwise cavernous but empty restaurant. We were quite surprised by the lunch menu – it was much shorter than that displayed under the ‘lunch’ option on the restaurant website and priced higher than we were anticipating. We had visions of brasserie food at (Gordon Ramsay) brasserie prices. However, we were pushed for time so decided to make the most of what was on offer.

I went for a main of grilled trout with lemon and F ordered the caesar salad with pancetta and parmesan. We decided to share the sides of mashed potato and peas, broad beans, asparagus, feta and mint. The waitress seemed a little confused by our order and we did not hold out much hope for what might arrive. In the meantime, mini baguettes and butter arrived and were devoured and, after a short period, everything was served as ordered. The trout was very nice and a pretty generous portion. The mashed potato was smooth and sublime – threatening the supremacy of the potato wizards at Les Deux Salons and Dinner at HB. The vegetable side dish was deliciously fresh and loaded with feta cheese. F’s caesar salad was rather miserly and nothing really to get excited about.

Our first experience of Bread Street Kitchen was a rather strange one. There was no atmosphere in the restaurant – the occupants of the New Change complex really need to do something to attract custom during the day at the weekend. The service was fine and friendly enough, but the food was not special and was generally priced a couple of pounds higher than we were expecting to pay. Interestingly, while we were there we saw two other groups of diners peruse the menu and then leave – maybe they shared our expectations.

I’m not writing off Bread Street Kitchen – yet. I’m sure it is very different when it is full and buzzing on a weekday evening. It might just take me a little while to make that return trip to find out.

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